ITSD424 Java application Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

ITSD424 Java application Assignment
Assignment Details
Assignment Description
Part 1
Modify your Java application so that it is an easy-to-use GUI application where all of the interaction is performed on one screen. You will now take the individual components and translate them to a single interactive GUI interface using the following GUI components, container, the event listeners, and event subclasses to enhance your application as a more GUI-appropriate interface:
GUI components
Event listeners
Event subclasses (at least 3–4 utilized)
ActionPerformed Method
Part 2
For this assignment, you are being asked to make sure you are exception handling by verifying that all of the customer-entered information is valid before the is submitted to ensure accuracy.
The customer information that the customer must now enter that should be validated includes the following:
Entered user name (must fill in a name)
Entered at least one sub to
Selected all three attributes for sub (such as bread type, sub type, and sub size)
Entered delivery address that includes street, city, state, and zip code
Entered telephone number xxx-xxx-xxxx
In this assignment, you are adding in error handling to make sure the customer is filling in all of the required information.
To accomplish this task, you will be utilizing the following Java classes:
Methods in the character class and StringBuilder class to validate and manipulate characters in a string
Try… Catch for the exception handling of all input fields
The following are the Unit 4 Individual Project deliverables:
Update the title page for the Design Document with the project name (Unit 4 IP) and the date.
Add the following section header: Phase 4 Revised Application Screenshots.
Add screenshots of each distinct screen from your running application.
Name the document yourname_ITSD424_IP4.doc.
Submit the design document and the zipped Java project files for grading.

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