Intro To Health System assignment

Posted: September 17th, 2022

Conduct a search of media sources to identify one recent news story and/or announcement related to the healthcare industry. The release (print, broadcast, recent TED Talk) can address any viable area such as patient care, hospitals and care facilities, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, mergers and acquisitions, policy, and employment.
A minimum of 350 words.
Provide a summary of the news story and its impact on healthcare. Be sure to include relevant information.
Whos involved? Whos affected?
What is the geographic location? (i.e., rural, urban, state(s), cities, etc.)
What are the leading agencies or organizations involved?
What are the options for resolution? How is the healthcare situation being handled?
What chapter, term, and/or policy from the reading is applicable?
Provide the title, Date*, Source (APA style references and/or citations).
Provide a meaningful question and answer that can be shared with the class.
** article or news story must be published or announced during the assignment dates for the Module in which it is assigned. (i.e., Articles assigned in Module 1 should have been published after February 1, 2022)

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