Interpreting an Audiogram Discussion board

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Interpreting an Audiogram Discussion board
Here are 3 students discussion question. Please respond to each one. I have also attach a copy of the audiogram to help you respond to each discussion.
1. In reading this audiogram, I see that a bone conduction test was administered. The response to the bone conduction stimuli was higher on the decibels level than the other test administered that shows the hearing level is at the mild range until the frequency hit after 4000 where the responses dipped sharply down to 40 decibels. The other test shows the hearing at lower decibel levels than the bone conduction results. This shows that the individual’s hearing loss is bilateral conductive loss.
2. In my first attempt to read this audiogram, I notice that they did do a tympanogram study (bottom of the results page) and the results were flat type B. Which could mean that there is a presence of fluid in the ear. This is in conjunction with the Acoustic reflex test with the results being absent, meaning that there is a problem with the middle ear muscle reflexes and/or an abnormality of the auditory nerve. This would then prompt a second referral for further evaluation to determine if the cause could have to do with an automated brainstem response (i.e. individual may not be correctly processing sound). However, I’m not sure what flat is in reference too, does anyone by chance know?
Update: I had to look it up but a flat tympanogram means that a perforation of the ear canal could have happened or an obstruction of a foreign object, impaction of cerumen, or a large middle ear effusion. However, this particular set of data doesn’t specifically state what was going on with this individual’s ears.
3. In the audiogram, it shows that the air conduction test was performed unmasked for the left and right ear. This means that white noise wasn’t played in the opposite ear to the one being tested which means there could have been a possibility for crossover. Crossover is when the ear not being tested picks up on the noise/vibrations being played in the tested ear, which could skew the results. However, since the air conduction test showed mild hearing loss, crossover is slightly less possible.
Requirements: one paragraph for each discussion

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