Intercultural Communication Discussion Paper

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Intercultural Communication Discussion Paper
1. Country or Continent: Select a country (other than the United States) or continent you are interested in (If you select North America, exclude the United States).
Explain why you selected this country and/or continent. For example, you may be interested in doing study abroad in this country; traveling there for pleasure; or perhaps living and working there one day. 2. News Articles (Domestic or International): Identify and read several human diversity-related news articles about your selected country and/or continent that are published by “bona fide” news organizations (published preferably within the past five years). These can be U.S. and/or international-based, e.g., New York Times, CNN, Reuters, BBC, etc. (Do not use academic journals or personal blogs.) From the articles you read, select five for this assignment that represents five of the seven categories below. You should have no more than one article per category. (a) gender or gender identity
(b) sexuality or sexual orientation
(c) race, ethnicity, nationality;
(d) social class (can correlate with years of education completed by the head of household)
(e) age or age cohorts;
(f) physical abilities; wellness and illness;
(g) religion or spirituality. For example, you might be interested in India and decide to select gender identity, ethnicity, social class, physical ability, and religion. (That means you did not select sexuality or sexual orientation and physical abilities/wellness and illness.)
3. Written Article Summaries: Write a paragraph summary of each article you select and include a citation. For citation purposes, you may use a style manual or format of your choice. Minimally include an article title, author (if available); publication/website name (e.g., news organization name); publication date. If accessed your article on the web, include the article’s web address (hotlink optional). Remember to be sure your sources are news organizations.
4. Reflection Paper: What does your set of five articles say about human diversity in your country or on your continent?
How does your assessment compare and contrast with what you think you know about related human diversity categories in the United States.
5 References
1.5 Pages
Single spaced
Requirements: 1.5 Pages

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