HSC 320 Health education Discussion

Posted: May 7th, 2022

HSC 320 Health education Discussion
1) Watch TED Talk, The future of health education
How will health education change? Why will it change or need to change? What does this say about preparing as a health educator? Find additional resources and cite them to support what you discuss.
2) Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of students. However, projects are consistent across all classes. Online students will find details for activities in Important documents.
Activity 1: Team sharing of Infographics
Members share, ask questions, and challenge each other on their depth of knowledge.
Activity 2: Design a Game Part I
As a team design a game to teach about chronic disease prevention, immunizations, or infectious/communicable diseases. Choose the audience and age for the game. The game should be fun and engaging so that participants learn what you have set as the objective of the game. You will first need to decide on the objective then work out the steps to the game. You may choose a particular chronic or infectious disease or vaccine/immunization or make it more broad.
Activity 3: Design a Game Part II
Once you have worked out the details, make the actual 3D game using whatever materials you wish.
Now challenge another team to play your game. Obtain feedback and edit or enhance as needed.
Project Assignment:
Complete a thorough description of the educational needs of the community based on the health science specialties identified and your community assessment. Be sure you have supporting evidence and that you describe any services already in the community and ones that are lacking.
3) Question 3
Chronic Disease, Infectious Disease Prevention Education
Chronic Disease Education
Check out the Infographics on areas for health education for;
Chronic Health conditions
Healthy Schools
Physical Activity
These represent only a few larger categories. Once you have reviewed these, research specific education for chronic disease. You can start here but dig deeper. Be sure to use sites that are accurate.
Infectious/communicable Diseases
Review CDC site on infectious and communicable diseases
Review CDC information on STI Pay particular attention to the training and courses they provide
Immunization Education Review CDC site on Vaccines and Immunizations.
Make an infographic that depicts the three major areas of chronic disease prevention, infectious disease prevention, and immunization education that you could use to help decide on a health education focus. If you have an additional area of interest such as food safety, environmental health, or other, add this to your infographics.
For more information on infographics
Submit here
In this week’s lesson you will be making a game. Bring to class any items you think you might be able to use in your game such as dice, markers, art materials, etc. Be creative.

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