Holistic Approach To Healthcare With An Emphasis

Posted: October 1st, 2022

NewCentury Wellness Group offers aholisticapproach to healthcare with an emphasis onpre
ventive medicine as well astraditionalmedicalcare.In your roleas an IT consultant,youwill help
New Centurydevelop a newinformationsystem.
Inthepreviouschapter, youconducted apreliminaryinvestigation intoNew Century’s requestfor
a business support system and a medicalpractice support system.In your presentation tothe part
ners, youexplainedthat although they will communicate and share data,the twosystems should
be treated as separate ITprojects.Afterdiscussingyour recommendations,Dr.Jones and thepart
ners decided tomove forward with the businesssupport system project and want you to describe
the next steps.
Toensurethe quality,cost,andtimelinessof the new system,yousuggestedthatNewCentury use
a projectmanagement approach.Dr.jonesagreed,and he wants you develop a brief presentation
thatwilldescribe project managementconcepts and benefits.You realize thatmost of thepartners
do not have project managementexperience,andit isimportanttodelivera clear,informative
You plantoinclude an overviewof project management, a step-by-stepdescriptionof project
planning, andanexplanationof key terms.You also needto describe various types of task pat
terns,and showexamplesof Gantt and PERT/CPM charts.
1.Create a MicrosoftPower Point presentationtoexplainproject managementconceptsand
2.Createa MicrosoftWord handout with alistof allkeyproject managementterms,including
a definition and anexampleforeachterm.
3.In your presentation, provide anexampleof animaginary projectwith atleastsix tasks.As
sign task durations and dependenciesthatinclude alltypesof taskpatterns.Createa Gantt
chart that displaysthe project.
4.Usethe Task 3 exampleto createa PERT/CPM chart.

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