History Presentation about the current affairs in Mexico

Posted: January 20th, 2023

1.  Prepare a presentation on current affairs in Mexico or another Latin American nation. The presentation may be a written report or a PowerPoint presentation. You should include the following:
·  An overview of the Latin American nation of your choice. Some information you should include:
–  Background
–  Geography
–  Government
–  People
–  Economy
·  Additional information on a specific topic of choice, such as the economy, environmental issues, U.S. relations, political stability, population concerns, or any other current topic in the Latin American nation of your choice. Consider these while researching your current topic:
–  What history or background information exists about the topic?
–  What is the main issue or concern about the topic?
–  Does the current topic have an impact on the nation’s culture?
–  Are there any attempts to seek solutions, if needed?
–  What are some of the results or consequences in seeking a solution?
You may use the textbook, the Internet, and any other sources available to help you research the Latin American nation. Here are a few websites that may be helpful.
·  Washington Office of Latin America http://www.wola.org/index.php?option=com_content

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