Global rules for working conditions

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Global rules for working conditions
Annotated Bibliography: On the same document, include your “annotated bibliography” that lists a minimum of five sources you are considering for your paper (a minimum of two of these five sources must come from the LPC Library academic databases). (An annotated bibliography consists of an MLA citation for each source and a note for each source that explains its value to your paper and/or includes relevant quotes and/or information that you may use from that source.)
My paper will focus on the horrible, inhuman , and very unhealthy global rules for working conditions that jones speaks about in the book. One of the specific places I will talk about is when Jones spoke about the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh as a central example of poor working conditions. Once the building collapsed, “the unimaginable death toll raised global awareness of working conditions in factories in Bangladesh and around the world (120). Also I will be talking about when Jones likewise thinks about the comparative working conditions to Chicago in the mid 20th century. He alludes to Upton Sinclair and his novel The Jungle In the conclusion when he specifies “the book stunned the general population with its undaunted depiction of hazardous, repulsive working conditions and the unsanitary and twisted interaction through which food was created” (120). The workers are not even legally compensated for their labor. Large industries neglect to perceive these workers as people, abusing them for their diligent effort, yet stripping them away from the advantages/compensations for their persistent effort, all to set aside some money. Jones reinforced his contention with numerous measurable bits of proof all through the section. For instance, Jones portrayed another misuse of the specialists as “The public authority brought the lowest pay permitted by law up in Bangladesh from $39 to $68 each month in December 2013” (Jones 134). Jones guaranteed before that Bangladesh had one of the most reduced least wages on the planet (Jones 133)

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