Global Issues for the Financial Professional [PAM100]

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

MSc in Professional Accountancy
Module: Global Issues for the Financial Professional [PAM100]
Some thoughts from the GIFP Team regarding Coursework 2 (October 2020)
Introduction / Overview:
This coursework draws upon selected issues from Theme 3: Systemic Risk and Theme 4: Required rates of return in the post-financial crisis era. Your answer should reflect aspects of your study of those materials together with any additional research you undertake.
At Masters level, what is important is to not just draw from materials located in the core study materials but to supplement them with further additional research you undertake.
For example, if you intend to review the way the Basle Accords have developed and the way this is used as the current regulatory model then additional research outside the core material provided will be necessary.
In addition, whilst it is important to analyse the points made there is also a need to review the pros and cons of issues presented and explain why the points made are important to help you to answer the issues in the question. The question specifically requires critical evaluation so just presenting a list of points is not enough.
Once you have located materials from a range of sources it is important that you do not merely regurgitate statements made within those materials but, rather, analyse and explore them in the context of this assignment’s requirement(s). This process will demonstrate your ability to select appropriate material from the core and additional research materials and allow you to discuss the issues presented. This will enable you to set out valid arguments for and against the underpinning thrust of the essay, analyse and review these points, and emerge with a cohesive set of contentions in support of/against arguments you are examining – analysing, sifting, and evaluating – leading to a justifiable conclusion.
There is no right or wrong answer to this assignment. The key is to provide a strong
set of arguments and to draw relevant and robust conclusions based on the work you have presented. Relevant examples should be included as a means of supporting and developing points made but not as merely repeating issues that have already been presented.
Some thoughts on process for this essay
As you read through the points detailed below be aware that given the nature and scope of the essay there is in effect no one correct answer. Your essay will be judged on the merits of its scope and relevance of the materials selected, the arguments and contentions put forward and the flow of the work. It is one matter to identify relevant materials and set out key points, it is another to set them out in a manner – assemble them – in a way which makes academic sense. It is not uncommon for individual
paragraphs to read well on a standalone basis but to lack an ongoing narrative thread
– a story line – which promotes cohesion and integration. A well-constructed,
appropriately referenced, argument invariably make it easier for the marker to award higher marks. In this particular essay, given i) the context set, and ii) the
task/requirement, it would make sense to (in which ever you as the essay author feels appropriate):
i. Set out an introduction clearly outlining what it is you are looking at, why you
are looking at it, and how you intend to set about looking at it.
ii. Critically evaluate the risks mentioned in the quote and critically review the
risk management systems adopted by banks.
iii. Discuss the current regulatory system and explain how the risk-asset
approach works
iv. Critically assess whether the drive for lending and profits is realistic within
the regulatory system that currently is in place.
v. Draw a conclusion based on the evidence that you have produced. Ensure
that your conclusions are justified through the evidence you have provided.
vi. Ensure that all of the points above that you include together with any others,are set within a piece of writing which is integrated and coherent and ‘flows’.
Do not put forward a set of standalone paragraphs which, if the essay were
a book might be wonderful individual chapters, but as a book do not flow
into and out of each other, generating a reading experience which is likely
for the reader to be unsatisfactory, probably unconvincing, and certainly a
deflating experience – and leading to a lower mark.
Finally, key points to remember: a) adhere to the word count and
instructions regarding use of charts, diagrams, tables, etc. and b)
incorporate ‘proper’ referencing – whether we like it or not ‘proper’
referencing is considered an important ingredient of Masters-level work.
Harvard-style referencing is preferred but other valid styles may be used.
Apply your referencing consistently.
The assignment does NOT require you to review or evaluate the credit
assessment procedures / policy within a bank. Use as many academic
sources as needed. Please note that Wikipedia and Investopedia are NOT
acceptable academic references so do not use them.
Important Notice to All Students:
In addition, you should also be aware that this, and indeed all assignments set, are unique pieces of work. The questions may be drawn from Topic areas which
have been covered in the past but the specific question is new so please do
not attempt to base the current answer on any previously submitted answer
based on a different / similar question
– the assignment guide and supporting document gives you a clear guidance on what is required in the answer to cover the question that has been set. This is important for all students and especially for students who may have failed this element of the module previously and are resubmitting this part of the module. Self-plagiarism is plagiarism.

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