fortifies the disease fighting immune systems

Posted: October 1st, 2022

There are two discussions in which both must be answered.
1) Why We Sleep and Sleep Deprivation
Good News! Psychologists have discovered a treatment that strengthens memory, increases concentration, boosts mood, moderates hunger and obesity, fortifies the disease-fighting immune system and lessens the risk of fatal accidents. Even better news: The treatment feels good, it can be self-administered, the supplies are limitless, and its available free!(Myers, 2010, p. 97) Myers is talking the benefits ofSLEEP.
For this activity, take theAre You Sleep Deprived Test(attached)and theSleep Strategies Test (below)
or click on or cut and paste this link:
Next, read e-Reading Chapt 5, “Consciousness”, Section 1.1 to 1.3and come in andanswerat least 2of the following questions.
1. How did you score on these tests? Are you sleep deprived and do you have good sleep strategies?
2. If you are sleep deprived, discuss possible steps you could take to improve your sleep (see your textbook for some tips). If you are not sleep deprived, tell us what your sleep strategies are. Please reference the text in your answer.
3. Why do sleep patterns and duration vary from person to person? What is sleep debt? Can you catch up? Search the internet for an answer to this one.
4. Discuss several risks associated with sleep deprivation. Have you personally experienced any of these risks?
5. Briefly identify the theories of why we sleep (search the internet for possibilities).
How Good Are My Sleep Strategies?
T F 1. I go to bed at different times during the week and on weekends, depending on my schedule and social life.
T F 2. I get up at different times during the week and on weekends, depending on my schedule and social life.
T F 3. My bedroom is warm or often noisy.
T F 4. I never rotate or flip my mattress.
T F 5. I drink alcohol within two hours of bedtime.
T F 6. I have caffeinated coffee, tea, colas, or chocolate after 6 P.M.
T F 7. I do not exercise on a regular basis.
T F 8. I smoke
T F 9. I regularly take over-the-counter or prescription medication to help me sleep.
T F 10. When I cannot fall asleep or remain asleep, I stay in bed and try harder.
T F 11. I often read frightening or troubling books or newspaper articles right before bedtime.
T F 12. I do work or watch the news in bed just before turning out the lights.
T F 13. My bed partner keeps me awake by his/her snoring.
T F 14. My bed partner tosses and turns or kicks/hits me during his/her sleep.
T F 15. I argue with my bed partner in bed.
Note:According to Mass and Wherry (1998), a “true” answer to one or more of these items indicates that some aspects of a person’s life-style are interfering with his or her sleep.
Source: Mass, J. B.

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