For this assignment, you will compose a 3-to 4-page essay in which you will revi

Posted: July 26th, 2022

For this assignment, you will compose a 3-to 4-page essay in which you will review one of two development theorists listed below, either Kohlberg or Elkind, and relate their concepts to your observations and life experience.
Choose one of the two options below and write 750–1000 words on your chosen topic. Please use Times New Roman 12-point font and double-space the entire document—except the title page. The title and reference pages are not included in the total word count.
The essay consists of five parts:
Title page
Introduction (A)
Literature review (B)
Conclusion (C)
Reference page (D)
A. Introduction (1 – 2 pages) Choose an option:
Option 1: Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development consists of three main stages. At the preconventional level, moral reasoning is related to the physical consequences of an act. An action is considered “right” when it averts punishment or brings a reward. At the next stage, the conventional level, right and wrong are based on the internalized standards of others. “Right” is whatever is thought to be helpful or approved of by others, or that which is consistent with the laws of society. At its final stage, postconventional moral reasoning tends to involve weighing moral alternatives. “Right” is an action or attitude that advances basic human rights.
Discuss Kohlberg’s three main stages of moral reasoning and explain what stage of moral development you believe yourself to be currently in. Give one example that demonstrates your present level of moral reasoning.
OR: OPTION 2: David Elkind believed that the teenage years are marked by adolescent egocentrism, a theory of human development that consists of two concepts. The first concept, the imaginary audience, is the common belief among adolescents that they are or will be the focus of attention in social situations and that others are as critical or approving of them as they are of themselves. The second concept, personal fable, is an exaggerated sense of one’s personal uniqueness and indestructibility, which can be the basis of the risk-taking commonly seen in adolescence.
Discuss how the main concepts of Elkind’s theory of adolescent egocentrism play out in the modern context in which social media, games, and apps dominate many teenagers’ lives.
B. Literature Review (1–2 pages)
After you have written your introduction describing your chosen theory of development, present the research in further depth. You may state a hypothesis (i.e., a prediction) about your topic, if you wish. Remember to cite academic sources that provide evidence for the theory. Include at least two academic journal articles or books—in addition to the textbook. All sources should be cited within the text after every quote or paraphrase and listed in the references section of your paper.
You have access to major academic databases, including PsychArticles and EBSCO, and can locate journal articles using Google Scholar.
To find academic sources, go to:
C. Conclusion (0.5–1 page)
Tie the theory of development and your observations together in one paragraph.
D. References
The last page of your paper should be a reference section, which lists all the sources you have to use in the writing of your paper. The references should be ed alphabetically by the first-listed authors’ last names. And both the in-text citations and the references should be written in APA-style formatting. Consult the OWL at Purdue APA website:
Be sure to review all of Chapter 8 in the textbook on Development
To acess the book “The World of Psychology” textbook, please use the link below
[email protected]
Feel free to use personal pronouns such as “I” and “we” to describe your observations or reflections. Avoid using the words “you” or “they” to make global or blanket statements, such as: “you probably already spend 3–4 hours per day on social media without realizing it.” When you are describing trends or phenomena, use less definitive words. For example, you might use phrases like: “may be,” “tends to,” “often,” or “sometimes.”

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