Financial statement presentation and disclosures

Posted: October 1st, 2022

Discuss the financial statement presentation and disclosures associated with consolidations related to Off balance sheet transactions, Variable-Interest Entities, and Noncontrolling Interest. In addition to discussing the disclosure requirements, also discuss what implications, both positive and negative, these disclosures may have to the reader of the financials. You will be using both current literature and the FASB Codification System to back up your comments.DETAILS:
Format: Title page should contain a title, student name, date, class name/number, and running head. Abstract page should be included (one paragraph, not indented) highlighting the key points of your paper. Paper should be double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt font Times New Roman style, pages numbered throughout the document with running head in all capitals on each page.Length: Paper should be not less than 4 and not more than 5 pages of text (not including title page, abstract page, exhibits, and reference page.)Sources: Use at least 5 outside sources (in addition to the text). Others may be authoritative sites such as FASB standards. Please follow proper APA format when citing.PowerPoint: PowerPoint should also be completed summarizing key concepts and be 4-5 slides long. See separate submission box.

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