Financial Analysis and Firm Strategies Project

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Please perform financial analysis on two public companies in the same industry and interpret the firm policies and strategies. You only need to perform the analysis on one year of data for ratio analysis and two years of data for horizontal analysis. Here is the requirement information in the final project. The most recent financial statement you look at must be issued after June 30, 2019.
*Please look at the attached document to get full breakdown on how the assignment should be answered and formatted.*
This assignment is split up into 5 parts:
Part 1. Basic Information – In this part, please provide information about the firms and the source of the data. (30 points)
Part 2. Dupont Analysis Ratio – In this part, please calculate the DuPont analysis ratios for both of the firms for the most recent fiscal year. Please refer to the slides how to put the DuPont analysis together. (40 points)
Part 3. Horizontal Analysis – In this part, please perform horizontal analysis on both of the companies. (40 Points)
Part 4. Accounting Policies – Please select TWO accounts in the list and find the accounting policies in the financial statement notes of the both firms. Please copy and paste the accounting policies into the project to see if the two firms have similar policies. (20 Points)
Part 5. Do the firms disclose their strategies about the profitability, efficiency or leverage? If they do, please paste it into the project. If there is no information about the strategies, please interpret the difference of the strategies of the two firms by using the financial ratios. If you believe the two firms have very similar strategies about profitability, efficiency and leverage, please state your reasons. (10 points)
I have attached some FAQ that are normally asked on this assignment, If you have any more questions regarding it please reach out to me.
*Please look at the attached document to get full breakdown on how the assignment should be answered and formatted.*
*The financial statement in the project must be issued after June 2019.*

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