Finance multi-part question Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Finance multi-part question Assignment
Problems(Please show all work and remember to label all graphs!)
1)Competition: Pure, Monopolistic,
MonopolyYou are the manager of GetMoney Inc.and you produce cardboard boxes. Suppose that you hired a consultant for your company to estimatethe demandfor your cardboard boxes. Your consultant determines that you are operating your business in a monopolistically competitive environment. You collect data on the price and quantity of boxes sold and send it to your consultant, who then estimates the inverse demand equation as P= 7–(1.5)*Q. Please also assume that you have a fixed cost of $1and that the variable cost as estimated by your consultant is V(Q) = 3Q (0.5)∗𝑄2.
a)What is the quantity that maximizes profitsbased upon the above information? What are the corresponding maximum profitsthat you can earn?(Please use graphs to support your answer.)
b)Considering your answer to part a, would you conclude that the profits that you earned were made over the short-run or long-run? What happens in the long-run to your profits in this type of market structure?(Please use graphs to support your answer).
c)Considering your answer to part b, what would you expect to happen to your profits if you operated your business in a monopoly? Why or why not?
2) Productionprocessesand cost theoryYou are an efficiency expert hired by a manufacturing firm that uses K and L as inputs. The firm produces and sells a given output. If w = $5, r = $11, MPL= 40, and MPK= 60.2
a.Please indicate whether your firm is employing the optimal mix of labor and capital.(Please use graphs to support your answer.)
b.Considering your answer in part a, if you concluded that your firm is not using the optimal mix of labor and capital, what must your firm do in to employ the proper mix of labor and capital? (Please use graphs to support your answer.)
II. Essays3) Production theory and cost processesFor this question, please find an article from a mainstream news source pertaining to the same firm you selected for your term project that discusses economies of scale and scopein the market forthe product.Please also discuss whether you think that the graphs and noted shocks are consistent with the zoom lecture on this topic. (please use graphs to support your answer).
4) Oligopoly and Game theory, pricing topicsORcompetition: Pure, Monopolistic, MonopolyFor this question, please consider the following four market structures that we covered in the zoom lectures: Pure competition, Monopolistic competition, monopoly, and oligopoly. Please select one product market that the firm you selected for your term project operates in. Of the above four market structures, which one does your firm operate within regardingits operation in this market? (Please find an article from a mainstream news source that support your answer)

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