Final Project Project Plan

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

1: Your project plan must be submitted in the form of a comprehensive presentation to the board of directors of your selected institution for approval and buy-in.
Your presentation is expected to be professionally crafted to the needs and specifications appropriate for the discipline, area of interest, and type of initiative you are proposing. Because your initiative or project plan will be different from others’ in your exercise experience, you will likely include different additional resources, information, visuals, and strategies for progress. At a minimum, your presentation must address/include the following:
I. Profile: Provide the agency or institution profile and background (i.e., type of organization, historical information, information about growth, current or past initiatives, etc.). II. Healthcare Need: Identify the need or opportunity within the organization and describe its impact for the organization, its purpose, and its target population, and impacts to the greater healthcare environment, if any. ( Saint Barnabus Medical Centre and Burn Unit; Prevention of Nurse Interruptions During Daily Scheduled Hours)
How do you plan on addressing this need or opportunity? What is your initiative?
III. Evidence: Provide the research evidence that shows that the identified need or opportunity is in fact a need, and any research you completed to formulate the initiative.
IV. Implementation Plan: Provide a comprehensive plan for implementation that includes the following:
A. A discussion on the target area or intended population to be served and the identified needs to be solved by the initiative. This is also where you should establish the goals.
B. The timeline and implementation milestones of the initiative.
C. An assessment of the financial impact of the initiative, including any necessary capital expenditures, necessary fundraising, or potential financial benefits that may result from the initiative. Depending on your initiative, your response to this section may include much more detail and areas of financial impact.
D. An evaluation of additional resources needed to effectively implement the initiative, including staffing, equipment, technology needs, and so forth.
E. Consideration of all federal and state regulations relevant to the proposed initiative and what needs to be done to ensure that the initiative follows these regulatory and legal standards.
F. An ethics review to ensure ethical implementation and ethical practice regarding the initiative.
This may require identifying potential ethical challenges and formulating plans for monitoring behavior, practices, procedures, and so forth. V. Evaluation Plan: This plan for managing and measuring the progress and success of your initiative should include the following:
A. A discussion of the specific goals and milestones of implementation of the initiative. Be sure to lay out your goals in a clear, obtainable fashion and to ensure that progress milestones are clear, reasonable, and consistent.
B. Specific definitions of measures of progress towards obtaining the intended goals and a description of the tools that you would use to measure progress. What strategies will be used to measure success, and how will adjustments be made should progress towards these goals fall short or change?
C. How do you intend to collect and analyze information to ascertain stakeholder satisfaction with the initiative? What information will be looked at, and who are the stakeholders that will be considered?
VI. Communication and Management Plan: This plan for communicating with the various groups and stakeholders should include the following:
A. Progress Communication: Discussion on the strategies and practices that will be used to communicate progress with management, the board of directors, and other stakeholders within the organization.
B. Change Management Plan: Discussion on strategies that will be used to guide relevant parties through the changes that the initiative will require. This will need to include strategies on dealing with impacted employees, patients, clients, and even departments and outside stakeholders, depending on the type of initiative within your organization.
C. Post-Implementation Communication: How will results and ongoing communications be provided? Who will be the audience for these various communications, and how will you ensure that each audience receives the correct information in an appropriate manner and time?

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