Essay Overview Video Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Essay Overview Video Assignment
Essay 2 due 11:59 PM 26 Mar 2021
Students have the option of submitting to this assignment OR to Essay 3 due 23 Apr. Only 2 of the 3 essays will count towards the final grade.
Essay 2 Overview Video (Links to an external site.)
Objective: to assess students’ ability to analyze complex historical sources and materials and reach conclusions based on interpretations of those materials.
Please answer ONE of the following questions as coherently and completely as possible.
Develop a clear thesis supported by evidence primarily from the assigned primary sources using MLA in-text citations (Links to an external site.).
Length requirement: 500-750 words
Course material only, no outside sources for this assignment.
Additional formatting guidelines:
Please include your name and class information
No title needed BUT please indicate which number you are answering
12-point font, double space
Works Cited Page unnecessary
Acceptable file extension include: .pdf and .docx
Submit the Assignment (Links to an external site.) by clicking the “Submit Assignment” Button.
Please indicate the number of the question you are responding to on your assignment.
[Power and Authority]: Compare the portrayal of power in the assigned source by Plutarch “Life of Themistocles (Links to an external site.)” to the assigned primary source material “Medieval Commercial Life (Links to an external site.)” ? How do account for the similarities or differences?
Please note you only need to use ONE source within the “Medieval Commercial Life” document to compare to the “Life of Themistocles”.
[Social Structures]: Compare the role of BOTH men and women as portrayed in the assigned primary source Hesiod’s “Creation of Women (Links to an external site.)” and Livy’s “Rape of Lucretia (Links to an external site.)” (remember to analyze WITHIN the context of periods written perspectives and not 21st-century perspectives). How do account for the similarities or differences?
[Culture and Identity]: Compare how different societies portray religion and natural disasters in the assigned “Flood Story (Links to an external site.)” in the Epic Gilgamesh and the assigned “Readings in the Black Death (Links to an external site.)” . How do account for the similarities or differences?
Please note you only need to use ONE source within the “Readings in the Black Death” document to compare to the “Gilgamesh Flood Story”.
Writing Examples (Links to an external site.) from previous classes

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