Equipping record (sound) studio Project management assignment

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Assignment 1 Sheet
Assignment Name: Individual Assignment
Week Number: As Stated in Critical Path
Contact: Instructor via E-Mail
Due Date: As Stated in Critical Path
Learning Outcomes
1. Define the project scope.
2. Establish project priorities.
3. Create Work Breakdown Structure.
4. Develop responsibility matrix.
5. Develop project communication plan
The first step would be to research and select a project.
To ensure no topic duplication, use the course website “Discussions” function to post your chosen topic. Please
note that no topic duplication will be allowed.
You will submit your assignment through the blackboard in PDF format.
Your assignment must be structured as follow:
1. Cover Page
The cover page should include the name of the selected project as well as your full name
2. The project scope checklist and priority
You might have to use some assumptions to finalize the project scope checklist. These assumptions should be
3. Work Breakdown Structure to your selected project
The WBS should include at least major deliverables, deliverables, cost account and work packages
4. Responsibility Matrix
Use functions and/or functional positions instead of names.
5. Communication plan
A table with all project communications.
Why would I use it / Why not?
You can use the text book formats for responsibility matrix and communication plan book but not the same
Tips And Hints
Remember: The aim is to share your own experience and cite your work. Think of yourselves as a consultant for
the manager who is unable to make a decision. You will only be paid for your services (in grades!) If you can
resolve the issue for your client. Hence be professional, precise and diligent.
This assignment means you have to do some research using the internet and library resources
Your project will be evaluated for creativity, thoroughness of research, and quality of written communications.
The grade awarded will be based on apparent level of effort, thoroughness, completeness, focus, and how well the
student demonstrated his/her understanding of the chosen product. Make sure you properly cite your sources.
This assignment will be marked out of [10] according to the following guideline:
Rubrics Poor Fair Good Excellent
Project Scope
and priority
You went outside
facts of case.
Didn’t identify the
project scope. No
logical thinking
about scope check
list. Poor writing.
[1 Mark]
Project scope
details discussed
but not thoroughly
Understood issues
and offered a few
[2 Marks]
Understood major
issues in the project
scope. Explained
the scope check list
clearly and with
enough information
[3 Marks]
Exceptional insight
into the scope check
list components

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