EBP Quality Improvement Group Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

EBP Quality Improvement Group Assignment
Constant change in the health care delivery system requires nurses to be flexible in their role. Flexibility is the key to success during periods of change. Professional nurses need to open themselves up to a variety of ideas to arrive at a perspective of health care that enhances the practice of nursing. Fundamental to this concept is the ability to work in teams. No single individual can know everything that is required for practice today, and so the team becomes the focus. The Institute of Medicine emphasizes that teams improve skills, communication, participation, and effectiveness and includes use of inter-professional teams as one of the keys five core health care professions competencies. Teams play a critical role in ensuring integration and coordination of care for patients.
Part 1: The purpose of this section is to inform the reader (the instructor and hopefully others) as to why you are interested in this topic in both a professional and succinct (i.e., no more than 2 paragraphs) manner. In this section I want to see two major things:
What is the clinical problem (that is amenable to nursing intervention) and why you are interested in it?
>Define the clinical problem
What “sparked” you to look up evidence about this problem (why do you care)?
Select a problem within the group that is common to all students. What is the significance of the problem?
Who is affected by the problem?
How many are affected by the problem?
What are the consequences if the problem goes “untreated”?
Why should your colleagues care about the problem – what is the significance to their practice?
What are the anticipated outcomes (benefits) if the problem goes away?
This is the first page of your group final presentation paper. This assignment should be preparatory work for your practice improvement paper and class presentation (it must be submitted to faculty for approval).

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