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Posted: September 17th, 2022

Week 5 Assignment BView the assignment video on the week 5 page FIRST. This is one of the more difficult assignments you will do all semester. Work your way through one step at a time, using the examples to help you. If you need help, ASK!
The crime lab collected evidence from the scene of the crime specifically, hair and blood samples. Now it is time for you to analyze the data and figure out who done it. You will do this by creating a DNA fingerprint with the samples that were collected.
As you learned in the mini-lecture, a DNA fingerprint is collected using the following methods
Cut the DNA into pieces using restriction enzymes
Copy the DNA many times to get more of it to work with
Run the DNA through a gel to separate the different pieces (gel electrophoresis), which will separate the pieces of cut DNA by size
You are going to do this for the various samples you collected from the crime scene, and use that data to solve the crime.
Step 1.Cut the DNA into pieces using restriction enzymes.You use the restriction enzyme HaeIII to cut the DNA into pieces. HaeIII cuts the following way:
So, every time the enzyme encounters the sequence GGCC, the DNA strand it cut between the Gs and Cs.
The DNA samples we are working with contain 2 short tandem repeat (STR) segments. The first repeat isCCACGT, and the second isCGC. Cut the DNA with the restriction enzyme, HaeIII. The first DNA sample (victim) is cut for you. Determine how many base pairs (bp) long each piece of DNA is once it has been cut.
(a) Victim:
Site 1: (16bp long)Site 2: (25bp long)
The enzyme cut each time the target sequence appeared in our DNA sample. We counted the length (in base pairs) of the DNA pieces between the cuts. Cut the remaining DNA samples yourself, and determine how many base pairs each is.
(b) Suspect

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