Discussion: Popular Culture and Society

Posted: June 10th, 2024

 Discussion: Popular Culture and Society


Danny Flores

Hello, Danny Flores. It is amazing to see how enthusiastic you are about the Raiders football team. Your comprehension of Raider supporters is enhanced via the social science perspective, and it becomes clear that their dedication extends beyond simple sports enthusiasm. People’s intense devotion to their favourite teams is often fueled by a strong feeling of belonging, identification, and community (Wang, 2006). Your analysis, which is backed up by Daniel Wann’s research, emphasises the psychological bond that supporters have with their team, which makes the team’s success particularly important to them. A well-rounded viewpoint may be obtained by looking at the Raiders fandom via many perspectives. We can see that people participate for a variety of reasons thanks to it. While some football fans may have a keen interest in the game, others may be more attracted to the connections and friendships made among the crowd. Additionally, even if they are not big sports fans, some people may support their home club out of a sense of local pride.


Wang, S. (2006, May 1). Sports complex: The science behind fanatic behavior. Association for Psychological Science – APS. https://www.psychologicalscience.org/observer/sports-complex-the-science-behind-fanatic-behavior


Hello, Zach. your opinions on the Grateful Dead and their impact on jam music were interesting to read. Although I think it was a brave move on their part to forgo writing protest songs, I can see why they made it. Jerry Garcia, as you mentioned, believed that “choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” This is a strong assertion that may be used in several contexts (Brooks, 2021). Your own encounter with aged black musicians, in my opinion, serves as a perfect illustration of how this theory might be put into practise. Because you were aware that there would be prejudice and hostility present, you could have simply decided to steer clear of these situations. But even if it meant placing yourself in danger, you decided to stand up for what you believed in.


Brooks, D. A. (2021). Liner notes for the revolution: The intellectual life of Black feminist sound. Harvard University Press.

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