Discussion board Endocrine Case study

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

This is a discussion board for 5 extra points on your practical. It exists to encourage you to challenge your knowledge, ask for help, and communicate with your online peers!
You have the following Case scenario and questions.
You must do all the following for 5 points. If anything is incomplete you will receive no credit.
1. Answer a posted question by me
2. Create your own question regarding an endocrine topic. (This his is about pheochromocytoma and you need to think about how the physiology causes the symptoms. Maybe you have a question I didn’t ask and what to know more about it. Feel free to make a new one for the topic. You may also pick a different endocrine dis you might be interested in. Maybe you wondering what are the symptoms of graves disease and why does it occur. Be specific in your question such as ….. What is the physiological reasoning behind weight loss in hyperthyroidism? )
3. Answer someones posted question if unavailable please feel free to add on to someones answer or response.
4. Please be courteous and respectful to everyone.
Case Study: Collin is a 35-year-old husband and father of three children. Over the past six months he has experienced headaches and palpitations of increasing frequency and severity. In addition, he has had periods of intense anxiety and panic attacks. His wife College has noticed that Collin’s face is often pale and that he sweats more. Upon examination by his physician, Collin was found to be severely hypertensive and in atrial fibrillation. Collin’s physician suspected that he might have a pheochromocytoma and has confirmed it with lab results.
Pick 1 question to respond to and restate the question in your response so everyone knows which one you answered.
1. Define palpitations, severe hypertension, and atrial fibrillation.
2. What is a possible physiological reason for his headaches?
3. Name the hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla. How are they classified?
4. Explain the role of the adrenal medulla in the autonomic nervous system.
5. What is a pheochromocytoma? Do they occur at anatomic sites other than the adrenal gland?
6. What is the difference between a sign and a symptom?
7. List the most common symptoms associated with pheochromocytomas
8. What does being a stress hormone mean?
9. Explain the mechanism which underlies the cardiovascular affects of epinephrine and norepinephrine in terms of the distribution of adrenergic receptor types.
10. Why are patients with a pheochromocytoma often hyperglycemic?
11. Describe a method used to diagnose a pheochromocytoma.
12. What other endocrine diseases can pheochromocytomas present as?
13. Describe how the adrenal cortex differs from the adrenal medulla

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