Defensive Position of the President in Federal Government

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Discussion post 1 (350-500 words)

Does the Executive Order M-20-34, of September 4, 2020 express a defensive position on the part of the current president? Explain your stance and relate it to the chapter you read this week.

2.)  How do you tend to respond when you are defensive? Describe your typical pattern of behavior from the moment you get defensive in an interaction to the time when you are no longer feeling defensive? (use terms from the reading to describe your response) How long does this process take? What goals do your actions serve? Do you want to try to change them?
3.)  What role should athletics play in the social justice movement? Do you believe professional and/or amateur athletes can be effective leaders of social justice? Why or why not?
4.)  How can you become a better leader by analyzing how you defend yourself? Be specific, give examples, use material from the textbook and reading.
Discussion post 2(about 200-300 words)
How have you seen DISRUPTIVE technology become a resource for non-profits, NGO’s, and the public sector (government and public education) harness the benefits of that technology to generate new social enterprises. Offer an example of one such application of technology. (Remember to cite your sources.)
Discussion post 3 (250-300 words)
Casual vs effective thinking debate
Now you know a bit about causal thinking and effectual/entrepreneurial thinking. Take a side, and then post why you believe that your choice is the best way to develop a solution to your organization’s problem. Remember to support your position with a citation or two.
Hint: If everyone chooses one side then the debate will be very lack luster. The grading is on the debate not a character judgment of your selection.
Discussion post 4 ( 200-250 words)
It is suggested that leaders find their origin through power and influence. If this is true then it would suggest that one cannot be a leader if they have no followers. Looking at your own experiences and from the scholarly writing of others, post your thoughts. Does a leader have to garner a following to be considered a leader or in the modern context is there another answer?
Discussion post 5 (200-250 words)
In the reading for this unit, The Courageous Follower writes that “assuming responsibility for our personal development begins with self-assessment” (p. 37). In that spirit I would like you to look at the quadrants in the graphic shown on page 39 which describes 4 followership styles (the Implementer, the Partner, the Resource, and the Individualist). Do a self-assessment of your own followership style in your current environment. Which of the following 4 styles most closely matches you and why? Are you satisfied with this current style or do you strive for change and if so which style would that be?
Cite your sources using APA writing style
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