CSR and DEI in Your Project Team

Posted: June 10th, 2024

 CSR and DEI in Your Project Team


Thanks, Elizabeth Avallone, for your post. The EduGo project team at Cigna Group is made up of a varied group of capable professionals, guaranteeing that the group can relate to clients in Connecticut’s manufacturing, service, and medical sectors (Avallone). In this sense, diversity refers to various attributes that make each person distinctive, such as intellectual capacity, personality traits, age, religion, sexual orientation, and cultural background (Pavlou, 2022). Board-certified medical experts, administrative assistants with a range of educational backgrounds, and licensed insurance specialists are all given equal opportunity by the team.

EduGo is actively incorporating the community, clients, and workers in strategy creation to support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, assuring improved sustainability (Mindell, 2023). The CSR plan includes green initiatives, including employing only electric cars, minimizing printed materials, and donating to charities that share EduGo’s objective. EduGo aspires to recruit, develop, and retain skilled people from a variety of backgrounds by engaging workers through good workplace culture, mentorship programs, and gratitude gestures like team lunches or personalized thank-yous (Avallone).


Mindell, R. (2023, February 1). Seven best practices for creating an impactful CSR strategy. Submittable Blog. https://blog.submittable.com/csr-strategy/


For every organization to succeed and have a beneficial influence, it is essential to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Lionel Henderson intends to concentrate on community programs, non-profit collaborations, and environmental initiatives in order to execute CSR with HDSW’s nonprofit community center, HOPE HOUSE (Pavlou, 2022). Henderson seeks to promote a culture of tolerance and collaboration by promoting social connections across various societies and disseminating education and general knowledge (Henderson). In order to support sustainability initiatives, he also plans to employ eco-friendly products and resources in his most recent small firm. Henderson plans to recognize and reward accomplishments, offer continuous knowledge and training, organize inter-agency events and seminars, and give other strategies for luring, developing, engaging, and rewarding the project team (Pavlou, 2022). The business hopes to hire and keep talented workers while ensuring customer satisfaction by employing high-quality supplies and goods.


Pavlou, C. (2022c, July 8). What is diversity? Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. https://resources.workable.com/hr-terms/diversity-

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