Create and simulate a design using Multisim

Posted: October 1st, 2022

Digital Project
For this project, you will be responsible to create and simulate a design using Multisim. You will have to develop the design using standard logic gates and implement the design using VHDL. There are two design projects (Project 1 and Project 2) to choose from and two ways to implement the design (logic gates and VHDL). Therefore, there are four options to choose from.Each team member will select one from the following four options.
Option 1: Project 1 using Logic gates
Option 2: Project 1 using VHDL
Option 3: Project 2 using Logic gates
Option 4: Project 2 using VHDL
Please note that the designshould be implemented using IC Chips rather than individual logic gates.
Once you have completed your design and simulated it, you will then test your design to make sure that it meets the project requirements.
The deliverable for this project is a paper. The requirements for the paper are provided after a description of the projects.
Project 1
Develop a logic circuit necessary to meet the following requirements:
In a certain chemical-processing plant, a liquid chemical is used in a manufacturing process. The chemical is stored in three different tanks. A level sensor in each tanks produces a HIGH voltage when the level of chemical in the tank drops below a specified point.
Design a circuit that monitors the chemical level in each tank and indicates when the level in any two of the tanks drops below the specified point.
Project 2
Develop a logic circuit necessary to meet the following requirements:
A battery-powered lamp in a room is to be operated from two switches, one at the back door and one at the front door. The lamp is to be on if the front switch is on and the back switch is off, or if the front switch is off and the back switch is on. The lamp is to be off if both switches are off or if both switches are on. Let a HIGH output represent the on condition and a LOW output represent the off conditions.
Thepapershould include the following:
1. Title page (your name and GID, team member(s))
2. Statement of the problem and design approach
3. Design process, formulas or expressions, design tradeoffs to minimize chips or execution time, etc. (choice of AND, NAND, OR, for example). This section should include a narrative of the design methodology and efforts to create a good design (based on chip minimization or other metrics), and not just expressions or tables. Be sure to include
. a. Truth tables
. b. Boolean expressions
Final design and/or code
Simulation results and analysis
Validation of teammate’s design/code
Project Challenges: Note any difficulties you faced during the completion of your design and how you overcame them
Team Interaction Reflection: Describe how you used Blackboard to facilitate interaction, how you worked with one another in the design phase, challenges you encountered, methods you employed to overcome any challenges.
Teammate Assessment: Using the Project Participation Rubric below, fill in the table below giving your teammate a ranking of Needs Improvement, Competent, or Excellent. Be sure to justify your ranking.

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