Company Analysis Individual Report

Posted: January 20th, 2023

The purpose of this INDIVIDUAL report is to analyse a company. For large
companies that operate in multiple industries you should focus on a single market that the company is operating in. You should use the concepts and tools learned in the course to successfully complete this task. Company on a single market: Apple in the iPad market. Word limit: 2500 words (excluding references)
Essay structure:
Abstract (5%)
Summarizes the report without being vague. Communicates the main results. (max. 200 words).
Introduction (10%)
In the introduction you should define the specific market that you are analysing and justify why chose to define the market so narrowly/broadly. Motivates the importance
of the firm. defines the relevant market/industry. Summarizes the rest of the paper.
Main Analysis (60%)
In your analysis you should make use of quantitative data (costs, market share, profitability, advertising expenditure etc.) in answering the below questions. Usage of graphs and tables is highly appreciated. 1. Market Structure
What is the market structure of the industry that the firm is operating in? How many firms are there in the market? Are there any barriers to entry?
2. Regulation
Do the competition authorities regulate this market?Have there been reports of anti-competitive behavior by any firm in the industry?
3. Consumer rationality
Is it reasonable to assume that consumers in this industry are perfectly rational? What strategies does the firm employ to take advantage of the bounded rationality of
4. Network effects
Is the market multi-sided? Are there any direct or indirect network effects?
5. Asymmetric Information
What is the informational structure of the market? Can buyers easily observe price and quality? What specific strategies does the firm employ to solve or take advantage of asymmetric information problems?
6. Production function
What is the cost structure of the company?What are the main factors of production?
Are there economies of scale and scope?
7. Advertising
How intensive is the usage of advertising?What form of advertising is mainly used by this company?
Conclusion (5%)
Adequately summarizes the main properties of the industry and discusses its future directions. Formatting (5%)
Adheres with formatting and style requirements. Has a title. Spelling

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