Communicating Bad Budget News

Posted: January 19th, 2023

Communicating Bad Budget News
There will be times when you will communicate news regarding the budget that will directly impact the lives of your staff, young children, and/or families in negative ways. News of staffing cutbacks, layoffs, closures, and/or tuition increases are not easy to deliver. As this week’s Learning Resources explain, there are strategies for communicating bad budget news that can help you deliver the news in a way that is honest and fair, and may even help boost your credibility as an administrator.
For this week’s Discussion, you will imagine that you are the administrator of an early childhood program who has to deliver difficult news to your staff. You will use the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources to help you plan your delivery.
You will use the following scenario to respond to this week’s Discussion:
After reviewing the year’s budget for Growing Together, the board of directors realized they had to make budget cuts. A combination of late tuition payments, limited grant funding, and emergency maintenance resulted in a budget deficit. José has the difficult job of communicating the budget to his staff. He needs to let the entire staff know that there will be no cost-of-living raise for the upcoming fiscal year. Also, he needs to let Tanya know that he cannot afford to keep her as a part-time teacher’s aide.
To prepare for this discussion, review the “Checklist for Communicating Bad News” from the Kwan article. Imagine you are José and consider the following:
What will you say to your staff? How will you communicate this information?
What will you say to Tanya? How will you communicate this information?
What information will you communicate to your families and why?
I am providing the article to be use, please only use what is giving

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