Circular Forces Mass and Force Relationship Lab Report

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Circular Forces Lab
In this lab, you will be using the Physics Aviary website to take your
data to examine the relationship among force, mass, radius, and speed.
For this lab you will be working with partners so you have to decide
who will be taking data and turning in screenshots from the website,
who will calculate values for the lab, and who will make the graphs that
you will turn in along with this lab sheet.
Sample image from Circular Forces Lab:
Part A: Mass and Force Relationship
1. Go to the Physics Aviary link for the Circular Forces lab. Click Begin
to start the lab.
2. Make sure that your mass is 0.5 kg and your radius is 1.5 m for the
first trial…put those values in Table 1 below.
3. To start the apparatus to spin, click the Start button.
4. You will see the force probe/sensor changing values as it
measures the force of tension on the mass…find the average value
of force and write the value in Table 1.
5. Next you want to find the time it takes for the rope and mass to
complete 10 revolutions…to do this start the time when the rope
is at a point you can measure, start the timer, count out 10
revolutions, and stop the clock. Write down the elapsed time in
Table 1 below, reset the timer, and click the Stop button.
6. Lastly you want to find the speed of the rope spinning the mass.
20 x π x radius
Using the formula speed = , calculate the speed for
the first trial and write it in Table 1.
7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for 4 more masses (notes: do not change the
random speed or radius values, maximum mass is 2.0 kg)
Table 1
Mass (kg) Radius
Force (N)
Time for 10
8. Be sure to take a screenshot of one of your trials.
9. Make a graph of force in N (y) vs. mass in kg (x) using your data in
Table 1 using Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Be sure to label the axes,
give the graph a title, and draw a best fit curve or line. You will
also need to get the equation for the graph as well with your
graphing program (note: your graph should be linear and your
equation should look something like this: y = ____x /- _____. )
Part B: Radius and Force Relationship
1. Make sure that your mass is 1.5 kg, your radius is 0.5 m, and your
random speed is

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