Causal Analysis Essay Rough Draft

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Instructions: Use Canva to design an infographic for online social media publication that shows your trend in action (you do not have to identify causes of the trend just the trend itself) using at least 3 statistics from your research from at least 2 different sources that should be represented with at least one chart or graph and one opinion from a newsarticle or social media site quoted on the infographic. Be sure to follow design principles of CRAP: Contrast, Repetition of design choices/elements, alignment, proximity with a clear hierarchy of ideas. Feel free to include graphic or photograph elements as required or are suitable. Sources should be correctly cited at the bottom in very small font.
Causal Analysis Essay Rough Draft
Instructions: Identify a pattern or trend using Pew Research Center. Research this trend further using news articles, statistics, and social media sites. Then come up with your own theory about the causes/effects of this trend. Write an informative research article informing the public about this trend and your theory as to its causes, showing your audience why they should care or how it will affect them. Your rough draft should be meet the following guidelines:
1. Is MLA formatted and includes a works cited.
2. Is 5 pages long (to the BOTTOM of the fifth page)
3. References five sources (at least one pew research center article, two reasonably moderate/less biased news articles, one statistics site, and one social media site) in essay itself with correct MLA intext citations used and a works cited.
4. Introduction shows the trend and action and includes DESCRIPTION (think back to your profile).
5. The Body states the trend clearly and places it within a larger context and/or shows the significance of the pattern for audience members. Uses statistics and opinion to demonstrate the trend and its causes. Anticipates reader questions.
6. The conclusion should end with a question that leaves your readers thinking more about the trend and reinforces the thesis.
I’ll upload the infographic that I made and the sites I need to be used! I only need 4 pages cause I’m using the infographic I made to count as the 5th page.

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