Cash value life insurance policy

Posted: March 29th, 2022

Pierre and Petula Patterson, both age 64 and married, live in Kansas. They have two grown daughters: Rachel and Rebecca. Pierre and Petula each have a will leaving all assets to their spouse and if the spouse has pre-deceased them, all is to be divided equally between their daughters.
Pierre and Petula have the following assets:
Checking account – JTWROS: $100,000
Savings account – JTWROS: $500,000
Money market account – fee simple Pierre: $6 million (holding proceeds from recent sale of business)
Residence – JTWROS: $800,000 FMV, $200,000 adjusted basis
Auto – fee simple Pierre: $75,000 FMV
Auto – fee simple Petula: $40,000
Household goods – JTWROS: $400,000
Jewelry – fee simple Petula: $3 million FMV, adjusted basis $1 million
Cash value life insurance policy: Pierre is the owner and insured, Petula is the beneficiary; $1 million face value; $400,000 cash value
Cash value life insurance policy: Pierre is the owner and the beneficiary; Petula is the insured; $1 million face value; $400,000 cash value
Stock portfolio – owned fee simple by Pierre: $8 million FMV, $3 million adjusted basis
Farm in South Dakota – owned fee simple by Petula: $5 million FMV, $2 million adjusted basis
IRA – owned by Pierre, beneficiary is Pierre’s mother who died last year: $800,000 FMV
IRA – owned by Petula, Rachel and Rebecca are the beneficiaries: $2 million FMV
401(k) – owned by Pierre, beneficiaries are Rachel and Rebecca: $4 million FMV
401(k) – owned by Petula, Pierre is the beneficiary: $3 million FMV
Business owned as tenants in common between Rachel and Petula: $800,000 FMV of business; Petula is 50% owner
They estimate that their final medical expenses, debts, and funeral costs will be $100,000 for each of them.
They have made no taxable gifts in their lifetime.
What is the probate estate for each of them?

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