Buy Web Programming Homework

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Web Programming Homework
The interface doesn’t have to look real pretty at this point. That will be done in the next phase. If you want to go ahead and make things look nice, feel free to do so.
If you have not yet created a home page, create a separate home page that contains links to each of the web pages you create to access your database. Your database is not to be displayed on the home page; be creative on this page. On each of the database pages create a button (link) to go back to the home page. Your project must have more than one page; your home page should have links to other pages to perform operations on the database. Some appropriate picture or image should be on the home page that relates to you project. Make your project look as professional as possible. You may want to show it during a interview. Create a text file in which to store hyperlinks to your home page and PHP scripts. Turn in this file to the appropriate submission box.
Web Database Project: Phase 3 Now is the time to make your project look good and as professional as possible. By now you should have created your MySQL database and PHP scripts that can be used to query, insert, and delete data. The objective of Phase 3 is to make it look nice. For example, you can use HTML in your PHP scripts to put the queried data into a table. You might also choose to create a style sheet to control colors, fonts, etc. You must have a home page which links to other pages you have created to manipulate your database. Be sure that all pages have a button to link back to the home page and possibly buttons to link to other pages as necessary. If you only create one page and display everything on that page you will have not met the minimum requirement for this class. I will be looking to see if you put some real work into this final project.
When you have finished with your project, create a text file in which to turn in a hyperlink to your home page and if you wish hyperlinks to your PHP scripts. Include your name in this file and any other comments you choose to include about your project. Upload the file to the appropriate submission box.

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