Buy Torture Terrorism and War Discussion

Buy Torture Terrorism and War Discussion
Buy Torture Terrorism and War Discussion
Torture, Terrorism, and War
1. Which of the following descriptions is NOT a typical definition
of terrorism?
(A) Harm perpetrated against innocent civilians with the intent to coerce
through intimidation
(B) The intentional use of violence against noncombatants as a way
to create fear and thereby effect a desired consequence
(C) A method of political intimidation involving violence or threats
of violence against innocent civilians
(D) The use of military intimidation techniques against enemy
(E) The use or attempted use of terror on civilians as a means of coercion
Buy Torture Terrorism and War Discussion
2. In his famous essay “Terrorism: A Critique of Excuses,” Michael Walzer
points out that .
(A) most people who condemn terrorism would practice it themselves,
given the right circumstances
(B) most people neither advocate nor excuse terrorism
(C) while most people do not advocate terrorism, many do excuse it
(D) while they would not admit it, most people do not condemn
(E) some people use terrorism as an excuse for further terrorism
3. Some have argued that terrorism is generally to be condemned but that
it is excusable in circumstances of “extreme emergency.” Which of the
following statements disagrees least with this claim?
(A) If terrorism involves the intentional killing of innocents, then no
circumstances can be extreme enough to excuse it.
(B) There is an important distinction between excusable and justified.
(C) There is a slippery slope from “excusable in extreme circumstances”
to “justified when those in power think it is.”
(D) It is difficult to see who would be an appropriate judge as to whether
circumstances constitute an “extreme emergency.”
(E) Circumstances of “extreme emergency” that excuse terrorism do
not actually arise, since there are always other viable options besides
Applied Ethics ❮ 45
4. The claim that torture is justified if torturing produces (or is likely
to produce) a greater balance of good effects over bad effects (than not
torturing would) probably assumes which ethical view?
(A) Deontology
(B) Virtue ethics
(C) Contractarianism
(D) Consequentialism
(E) Relativism
5. The claim that torture is never justified because it goes against moral duties
and basic human rights typically assumes which ethical view?
(A) Deontology
(B) Virtue ethics
(C) Contractarianism
(D) Consequentialism
(E) Relativism
6. Which of the following Latin phrases is often used in Just War Theory
to denote the nature of just action during war?
(A) jus ad bellum
(B) cogito ergo sum
(C) jus in bello
(D) esse est percipi
(E) ad hoc
7. Apart from those who do not believe considerations of justice have any
relevance to the politics of war, participants in the morality-of-war debate
typically divide into which of the following two groups?
(A) Those who believe war can sometimes be just, and those who believe
war is never just
(B) Those who believe war is just only if perpetrated by a sovereign
nation, and those who believe war is just only if perpetrated by
a democratic nation
(C) Liberals and conservatives
(D) Skeptics and realists
(E) Those who believe war is just only if innocent people do not suffer
because of it, and those who believe war can be just even if innocent
people suffer because of it
46 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Philosophy Questions
8. Which of the following is NOT one of the necessary conditions
for a just war, as understood in Just War Theory?
(A) A state can resort to war only if all other reasonable means of ending
conflict have been ruled out as live options.
(B) A state can resort to war only if it intends to wage war for the sake
of a just cause and not for other reasons.
(C) A state can resort to war only if its citizens are unanimous in their
agreement to war.
(D) A state can resort to war only if war is likely to bring about the
desired outcome.
(E) A state can resort to war only if the goods expected from war are
proportional to the ills expected from war.
9. The popular “clean hands” criticism of pacifism maintains that
(A) pacifism must be wrong because there have been many just wars
in the past
(B) a proponent of pacifism would neglect the duty to defend his or her
nation merely in the name of remaining morally blameless
(C) pacifism must be wrong because there have never been any just wars
in the past
(D) a proponent of pacifism is likely to accept aggressive protection
against violence, despite his or her official stance of total nonviolence
(E) proponents of pacifism are likely to be unpatriotic or even treasonous
Buy Torture Terrorism and War Discussion
10. According to the doctrine of double effect, an action that has just or moral
effects, but that also has unjust or immoral effects, is justified only if four
criteria are met. Which of the following is NOT one of those criteria?
(A) The action must be one that is otherwise morally permissible.
(B) The agent performing the action must intend only the morally
legitimate outcome of the action.
(C) The morally undesirable effect of the action must not be a means
to the morally desirable effect of the action.
(D) Those directly affected by the action must give their consent
to the action.
(E) The goodness caused by the action must outweigh the badness
caused by the action.
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