Buy Thermochemistry Discussion Assignment

Buy Thermochemistry Discussion Assignment
Buy Thermochemistry Discussion Assignment
1. Which law of the thermochemistry
introduces the concept of entropy ?
(a) Second Law (b) Zeroth Law
(c) Third Law (d) First Law
2. During isothermal expansion of an
ideal gas, its
(a) enthalpy reduces to zero.
(b) enthalpy decreases.
(c) internal energy increases.
(d) enthalpy remains unaffected.
3. Which of the following is a closed
(a) Jet engine
(b) Tea placed in steel kettle
(c) Pressure cooker
(d) Rocket engine during propulsion
4. If a refrigerator’s door is kept open,
(a) room will be cooled. [SSC 2017]
(b) room will be heated.
(c) room may get cooled or heated
depending upon the weather.
(d) no effect
Buy Thermochemistry Discussion Assignment
5. Combustion of a candle is[HPSC 2012]
(a) physical change
(b) reduction reaction
(c) endothermic reaction
(d) exothermic reaction
6. Entropy change of a system and its
surroundings in equilibrium
(a) increases
(b) decreases
(c) remains constant
(d) either increases or decreases
7. In which of the following, the entropy
decreases ?
(a) Crystallisation of sucrose from solution
(b) Rusting of iron
(c) Melting of ice
(d) Vaporisation of camphor
8. During the evaporation of a liquid
(a) the enthalpy decreases
(b) the enthalpy increases
(c) the internal energy decreases
(d) the enthalpy remains unchanged
9. For a certain reaction. [CDS 2019]

= − 45 kj/mol and ∆H

= − 90
kj/mol at 0°C.
What is the minimum temperature at
which the reaction will become
spontaneous, assuming that ∆H


are independent of temperature?
(a) 273 K (b) 298 K
(c) 546 K (d) 596 K
10. A fan produces a feeling of comfort
during hot weather, because
[NDA 2010]
(a) our body radiates more heat in air.
(b) fan supplies cool air.
(c) conductivity of air increases.
(d) our perspiration evaporates rapidly.
11. Which statement is correct about the
fusion of copper ?
(a) A solid is formed
(b) Heat is required
(c) The process is exothermic
(d) Heat is released
12. In the pressure cooker, cooking is fast
because the increase in vapour
pressure [NDA 2011]
(a) increases the specific heat.
(b) decreases the specific heat.
(c) decreases the boiling point.
(d) increases the boiling point.
13. When ammonium chloride is
dissolved in water, the solution
becomes cold. The change is
(a) endothermic (b) exothermic
(c) super cooling (d) None of these
Buy Thermochemistry Discussion Assignment
14. The entropy of perfectly crystalline solid
at absolute zero is
(a) positive (b) negative
(c) zero (d) not definite
15. Among the following respiration is which
type of process ? [SSC 2018]
(a) Exothermic process
(b) Endothermic process
(c) Both exothermic and endothermic
(d) Neither exothermic nor endothermic
16. Which of the following reaction is an
example of exothermic reaction ?
(a) Burning of natural gas [SSC 2018]
(b) Respiration
(c) The decomposition of vegetable
matter into compost
(d) All options are correct
17. What is an endothermic reaction?
[SSC CGL 2017]
(a) Reaction in which heat is released.
(b) Reaction in which heat is absorbed.
(c) Reaction in which neither heat is
released nor absorbed.
(d) None of the above
18. If a reaction is carried out at constant
pressure, which of the following
statement is correct ?
(a) The reaction is likely to be endothermic.
(b) The heat change is equal to the
enthalpy change.
(c) The reaction is likely to be exothermic.
(d) The heat change is equal to the
change in temperature.
19. Which of the following is a characteristic
of an exothermic reaction?
(a) Release of heat. [SSC CGL 2017]
(b) Absorption of heat.
(c) Doesn’t involve any change in
(d) None of the option is correct
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