Buy Science Lab Report Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Science Lab Report Assignment
The Prac Report is a scientific paper: it will have the following format:
Introduction: very brief, but include an aim (not the “educational” aim given – give one that you think most precisely addresses what was achieved)
Materials and Methods: you probably only need to just reference to the online Lab (Cakebread 2020) – check out how to reference websites.
Results: present only results – the main result is a couple of names. If you have a table, think about what you present in it. In general, you shouldn’t include data that is not directly required for explaining your results or brought up in the Discussion
Discussion: this is the section that will require your greatest focus.
A separate Conclusion is not required, but you should have at least a simple statement to indicate that you do / do not believe your aim has been achieved.
In the report you need to address two main questions:
How valid are your results what are the sources of error?
Buy Science Lab Report Assignment
You need to analyse the procedures undertaken. The following questions may assist:
1. What factors could have led us undertaking the procedures with a bacteria other than the one you did?
1. What factors could have led to not culturing bacteria from the original sample?
1. What steps were crucial in the identification of the bacteria?
1. What factors could have altered the results you obtained?
What is the significance the significance of this finding? You need to discuss the implications of finding this species in the milk and suggest the likely specific management actions that should be taken. As part of your report, you should explore the nature and spread of specific form of mastitis, the incidence within the herd and suggested measures for control of the bacterial species you have identified. This information needs to be supported by good strong references.
References and referencing
Buy Science Lab Report Assignment
Basically, every substantial statement you make must either be your original creation or be referenced. Original should be indicated as such – it doesn’t happen that often!
But what is a good reference? In general, a peer-reviewed primary source journal article is to be preferred. All reputable journals have peer-review. Primary source means this has been written by the people who actually did the original research – the article generally has a Results section.
Can I use review articles? Yes, but sparingly and in the right context. Good for overview and general statements, but not for specific facts.
Can I use other sources (web-sites/ trade newspapers/ newspaper report etc) – yes, very sparingly and only when scientific journal articles do not present that specific information.
How many references should I include? Depends on what you are saying and the quality of the references. As a very rough guide – 5 is a minimum – 50 is probably overboard.
Style Guide: APA 7th Edition –

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