Buy Review Courageous Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Review Courageous Discussion
You will write an approximately 3-page Movie Review that focuses on a movie which reflects a potential situation you might encounter within a church or ministry setting. You must watch the movie with a critical eye and identify a scene that could potentially include an individual who is struggling with issues you might see in a pastoral counseling setting.
You may choose from the movies below:
· Grace Card
· Courageous
· Facing the Giants
· Fireproof
· The Magic of Belle Isle
Use the following format when completing your Movie Reviews; include the headings below in each of your reviews.
The Review
Buy Review Courageous Discussion
Concisely discuss your impression of the movie using a brief plot summary (approximately 1 page in length). Share the scenes that either had the greatest impact on your thinking or the most potential for the use of integration strategies. What aspects should viewers look for if they have not seen the movie? What themes/scenes do you feel warrant further reflection, and why?
Therapeutic Implications
Answer the following questions for this segment of the review (approximately 1 page in length):
· Having noted the scenes that warrant further reflection, what are the specific counseling values from those scenes that you would use in the counseling process?
· For example, if you observe marital issues, emotional outbursts, drug use, angry tirades, attempts at relational connection, grief, etc., point out the scene and the ways you would counsel the situation. You must integrate a psychological and theological model in the counseling session.
· What is your rationale for choosing these scenes?
Personal/Professional Implications
Buy Review Courageous Discussion
Answer the following questions for this segment of the Review (approximately 1 page in length):
· How did you connect with the movie on a personal level?
· How did the movie confirm or challenge some of your perceptions of integration issues in counseling strategies?
· How will you utilize this information (personally or professionally) to impact your delivery of counseling?
· Were there any scenes that you strongly agreed/disagreed with on a personal level, and why?
Your Assignment must adhere to current Turabian or APA format. Students in the School of Divinity (SoD) will use Turabian Form in all PACO prefix courses, and students in the School of Behavioral Sciences (SoBS) will use APA in all PACO prefix courses
These Assignments will be submitted via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.
Submit your Movie Reviews by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned Module.

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