Buy Photographs Homework Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Photographs Homework Assignment
Choose your favorite person: An actor, actress, musician, etc. This individual cannot be a loved one/friend/family, and must be an individual that actual photographs have been taken of–no paintings/portraits. This is the individual yo will be deconstructing and reconstructing throughout the remainder of your RAI, II, and III classes, so choose wisely.
Keep in mind that you will be looking at these photos in order to analyze/deconstruct/define/recreate these same features later…so make sure you choose someone you can look at for an extended period of time.
Choose wisely as you will start learning more and more about this individual from here on out…
Step 2:
Begin searching online for GOOD photos of the individual with a front facial view photo and a profile view photo. Keep in mind that hairstyle may block the ears in a profile view, so make sure the photos you choose CLEARLY show all the attributes you need to see. Save both of these photos for the future (you can always find more photos later as well).
Step 3:
Print out the front view head shot photograph FULL SIZE (Can be black and white, OR color; on 8 x11 paper—does not have to be glossy paper). You may want to print out several copies so you have some for practice.
Step 4:
Grab a ruler and a pencil.
Buy Photographs Homework Assignment
Go over the exercises on pages 36

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