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Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Organizational Theory Discussion
LO 12-1Define leadership and shared leadership.
LO 12-2Describe the four elements of transformational leadership and explain why they are important for organizational change.
LO 12-3Compare managerial leadership with transformational leadership, and describe the features of task-oriented, people- oriented, and servant leadership.
LO 12-4Discuss the elements of path–goal theory and leadership substitutes theory.
LO 12-5Describe the two components of the implicit leadership perspective.
LO 12-6Identify eight personal attributes associated with effective leaders and describe authentic leadership.
LO 12-7Discuss cultural and gender similarities and differences in leadership.
Startup company Dayforce had developed world-class workforce management software (employee scheduling, forecasting, etc.) but lacked an established market presence. Founder and CEO David Ossip saw an opportunity to partner with Minneapolis-based Ceridian, a well- established global organization in payroll systems that needed new products and services. Ceridian acquired Dayforce one year after the partnership began, and Ossip was installed as CEO of the overall company less than one year after the acquisition.
Buy Organizational Theory Discussion
When Ossip first arrived at Ceridian’s offices, he realized the company needed a leader-led transformation. “My take-home after a hard look at Ceridian was that the organization had to reinvent its culture in order to drive proper employee engagement, in turn improving our customer engagement scores and market share,” Ossip recalls. Employees weren’t enthusiastic about Ceridian’s future and lacked trust in its senior managers, most of whom were sequestered far away on the executive floor. Page 445
Ossip developed a more appealing vision for Ceridian’s employees. “Our worldwide focus became something more than just paying people correctly,” Ossip explains. “At Ceridian, our brand promise is ‘Makes Work Life Better’— we believe that our solutions and our people make work life better for employees everywhere, in any role within their organization.” Ossip travelled
to Ceridian’s offices worldwide to discuss and demonstrate his personal commitment to the company’s new vision and values. “Essentially it came down to a lot of communication, a lot of town halls, and a lot of interaction with everyone inside Ceridian, and that’s what I did.”
Ossip disbanded the executive floor and introduced a coaching program to help managers communicate the company’s vision more effectively to employees. A new team of executives was carefully selected who believed in the company’s vision and values. As a result, employee trust improved because management’s words and actions matched the firm’s vision and values.

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