Buy Movement Observation Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Movement Observation Assignment
Applying movement principles of Laban and/or Chekhov and drawing on language and insights
from Bain, students will practice the observation techniques developed throughout the semester
in a movement observation of a short performance.
To complete this assignment, you will need to draw on the material from the readings, lectures,
and movement classes. A shortened list of primary movement qualities we have worked with this
term are listed below, though you are not limited to using only them. You can draw on any of the
material from Module 3 that we have covered.
Observe individual actors and identify Laban Efforts, Chekhov Qualities and Sensations, and/or
Bain’s Trinity of Movement Elements that you can observe within the actor’s movement,
behavior, and/or delivery of lines.
Your assignment should be 3-4 pages long (750-1000 words) and must be written about one of
the performances listed.
Laban Efforts
Buy Movement Observation Assignment
• Punch: Heavy, Direct, Sudden (weight is heavy, the movement through space is direct, it happens suddenly in time)
• Push/Pull: Heavy, Direct, Sustained (change in time)
• Slash: Heavy, Indirect, Sudden (change in space and time)
• Wringing: Heavy, Indirect, Sustained
• Float: Light, Indirect, Sustained
• Flick/Flitting: Light, Indirect, Sudden
• Dab: Light, Direct, Sudden
• Glide: Light, Direct, Sustained
Michael Chekhov Qualities
• Staccato or legato
• Balance, Floating, Falling
Bain Trinity of Movement
• Space, time, energy/weight
• Space: direction, levels, range, position, angle and orientation to audience
• Time: timing, speed
• Energy: sustained and percussive, vibratory, suspension, swinging
Steps to completing this assignment
1. Remind yourself of the material from Module 3 (re-read your notes and journal entries).
2. Watch the video performance multiple times, taking notes as you go.
Griffith THEA 210
3. Think about how to structure your movement analysis (by character, or by moments in
the scene, or general observations about the movement as a whole and then narrowing in
on specific moments or characters).
4. Write, edit, revise.
5. Submit your assignment.

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