Buy International Negotiation Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy International Negotiation Assignment
For your final assignment in this course, you will apply all of the skills you learned to create an international negotiation plan.
You have been asked by your supervisor to create a proposal for negotiating the sale of your product with a Japanese company. You know that Japanese business practices may be different than what you have experienced in the Unites States, and you do not want to offend the prospective clients. How would you handle the negotiation with the Japanese company? How would you introduce yourself, your company, and your product? Create a step-by-step international negotiation plan for how you would approach this business venture.
In past units, you created a negotiation planning guide as part of a Project. Revisit that project and Negotiation Planning
(Define the negotiating goal, defining major issues related to achieving the goal, Assembling the issues, ranking their importance, and defining the bargaining mix, defining the interests, knowing your alternatives batna’s, knowing your limits, including a resistance point, analyzing and understanding the other party’s goals issues and resistance points, setting one’s own targets and opening bids, assessing the social context of negotiation, presenting the issues to the other party)
Use the steps listed of Negotiation Planning Guide to create your business plan.
As part of your plan, you will address the ways culture can impact the negotiation process and how you will ensure cultural sensitivity. Using the 10 ways that culture can influence negotiations as a guide, (Definition of negotiation, Negotiation opportunity, selection of negotiators, protocol, communication, time sensitivity, risk propensity, groups versus individuals, nature of agreements, emotionalism) include how you will handle details such as time sensitivity, protocol, and communications. You are required to cover at least four of the ten ways culture can influence negotiation.
You will need to research Japanese culture to address these issues.
Your plan should be a minimum of three full pages (not including the title and reference pages). Introduction and conclusion paragraphs are not necessary. Include at least three sources. Follow proper APA format, including citing and referencing all outside sources used.

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