Buy Geology Lab Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Geology Lab Assignment
1. Use the web-browser on your computer or tablet to load up
This site will review the concepts presented in lecture and expand a bit on current threats and predicting eruptions.
2. Read the screen and watch any videos that are presented. At the bottom of the page there is a clickable graphic that will advance you through the website and associated information.
3. Go to: , this webpage is a link to the current volcanic happenings in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Scroll down the page and read a few of the news stories that are posted. These change pretty frequently but should have some current research or event that is taking place. Continue to scroll down and click on Maps and Graphics under Quick Links.
a. What are the types of events associated with volcanos in the news?
4. On the next page that opens scroll down and find a link for Cascades Volcanoes Simplified Hazards Maps, click the link and a series of maps will come up.
Find the maps for Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker and answer the following questions:
1. What hazards are present and what major cities may be in danger if Mts. Hood and Baker were to erupt?
2. What can be done to protect these areas and the people that live there?
3. Where would a safe place be in the event of an eruption?
Goal 2: Monitor current volcanic activity
1. Use the web-browser on your computer or tablet, to load up
This site will show you the latest eruptions from monitored volcanos across the globe collected by the USGS. (If it does not load correctly, there is a home button at the top of the error page to get you back to volcanoes).
2. You should see a map of the world with a series of symbols shown as triangles of different colors.
a. What do these symbols mean?
3. Zoom into Hawaii and look at the various warnings that are present. What do you think some problems may be if you were to plan a vacation there?
4. Go back to the map and observe the United States.
· Do you see any patterns of volcanos? [PLEASE CLEARLY EXPLAIN WHAT THESE PATTERNS ARE]
· How can you explain the presence of these volcanoes?
Once that is complete, go to this link:
I want you to look at the whole site, but I would like for you to pay close attention to the sensors and research section.
What type of new technology are they using to study volcanos?
Why do you think this is necessary or why are they choosing to do it this way?

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