Buy Cultural Recipe Analysis Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Buy Cultural Recipe Analysis Assignment
Assignment: Cultural analysis recipe and report. Three to five pages total of reported content. Reference page does not count toward this total. Format requirements are outlined in the course syllabus.
Find an “authentic” and “traditional” cultural recipe from a culture that is different then your own and different from the one covered in the Interview and Acculturation assignments.
Recipe must come from a cookbook (see “Important Information About References” below)
Prepare the recipe for yourself and a friend or family member.
Take a photo of the recipe to include in your report.
Evaluate the recipe (based on the provided sensory evaluation form). Evaluate the recipe for texture, flavor, color, appearance and overall acceptability. Be detailed and descriptive. Use a variety of sensory words.
Elements of Paper:
Clearly state your own cultural identity and the culture of the recipe you have chosen.
State why you choose this cultural recipe.
Describe your preparation methods of the recipe that you selected to prepare.
Evaluate the recipe for texture, flavor, color, appearance and overall acceptability (form provided below). Be detailed and descriptive. Use a variety of sensory words.
Make sure to include your completed sensory evaluation form (does not count towards page count)
Compare and contrast the information found in the preface of the cookbook or book and other source with the information provided in the textbook. Include a compare and contrast for the following:
Cooking/preparation methods.
Traditional flavor notes/principles.
Typical staple foods.
Meal/eating patterns or habits.
Discuss how your cultural perceptions may have affected your perception of the food you ate and reviewed.
Include a References page (detailed below).
Attach a picture of the final product at the END of your paper. Do not embed or include in the body of the text.
Important Information About References:
Buy Cultural Recipe Analysis Assignment
Before you begin your search for sources, make sure that you clearly understand and can define what are considered staple foods, flavor notes or principles, cooking/preparation methods, and eating/meal patterns. Refer to the chapter readings in your Introduction Modules (chapters 1-4).
At least 3 references should be used: 1) textbook, 2) ethnic cookbook or published book on chosen culture, 3) plus one other reference of choice.
Locate two resources that detail food and cooking practices of this culture.
One of these resources MUST be a COOKBOOK on a specific cultural cuisine or ethnic background OR a published book on a particular culture. The book or cookbook must detail staple foods(sometimes listed as pantry items), common flavor notes (seasonings

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