Breastfeeding Best Project Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Breastfeeding Best Project Assignment
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I want to apologize for this first project. Normally each unit project would not be a “paper” in a way but more of a presentation with multiple formats. For this first project, it will be more of a paper format. You will read a points and counterpoints to a topics Your task is to read each of the points and in written form answer a series of questions.
Issue 1.
Is Breastfeeding inevitably best for healthy development.
Perspective from the Surgeon General. The full report is approximately 100 pages long. For this project please read the “The Importance of Breastfeeding” section which includes sections on health, psychosocial, economic and environmental effects. Also read the “Rates of Breastfeeding section and the “Barriers to Breastfeeding” section.
You will then read the opinion piece in the New York times by Courtney Jung. Some see her piece as being the opposite of Dr. Benjamin’s views.
Courtney Jung’s Perspective (Links to an external site.)
Courtney Jung’s Perspective (PDF) download
After reading both articles, reflect on what they are both suggesting and answer the following questions.
1. Do you think the controversy over public breastfeeding has an impact on new mothers decision to breast or bottle feed?
2. How do you think culture plays a role in the DECISION to breast or bottle feed?
3. Do you think there is a negative stigma attached to one decision or the other that makes mothers feel shamed into choosing a specific side?
4. After reviewing both articles, do you believe they are both arguing for breastfeeding as being the best, are they on opposite sides of the table, or are they arguing from different perspectives?
5. How do you think the media influences new mothers in the realm of breast or bottle feeding.
In your responses I am looking for the integration of the articles as well as your personal opinion, in a clear well articulated manner. Support your responses fully and do not be shy in using outside work to support your responses. Be specific in not only answering the questions but in explaining and supporting your rationale!!!

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