BA 427 Marketing Management (Level 6)

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Written Project
Each student to submit their portion of the paper into SafeAssign. The paper assessment accounts for 30% of the student’s overall course grade.
2000 words: excluding references, index, appendices, and cover page. Those sections must be included but do not count as project pages.
Academic format: double spaced, 12 pt. Font
References: minimum 4sources
2 academic reference
1 respected business/industry publications
1 secondary research or government report
Title page: Plain page with Student’s name, Title/Project Name, Date
Do not use the SIU logo or any SIU title page
Points deducted in “Organization/Structure” Rubric section for not following title page guidelines
Citation: APA style (both in-paper and for Reference Page)(No citation = F / 0)
File Structure Name: 04.BA427_Paper_’LastName_First Initial’
Example: 04.BA427_Paper_Graham_K
Points deducted in “Organization/Structure” Rubric section for not following file structure naming guidelines
Marketing Paper
Taking “one” large consumer products company, the students will analyze the international marketing strategy the company uses when adjusting its products or services to the different international markets where it operates. An assessment of Ansoff’s matrix, SWOT analysis, and the competitive PoP/PoDsummary is required.  The students must identify one new country (or specific city in a new country) where the company might launch, the challenges/opportunities that existas well as the potential risks that need to be managed for success. This will require as assessment of the Marketing Mix and Extended/Service MarketingMix elements that may need to be adapted or closely monitored, a summary of the SWOT analysis for the new launch country/city, and then an assessment of the market research requirements to fully understand the market opportunity size and value.
The instructor must approve the selected company for analysis. Companies that will not be allowed for analysis include:  IKEA, Auto companies such as BMW, Ford, etc., McDonalds, Zara, Chick-fil-A, Hans imGlueck and several others.
Please note that successful completion of this assignment is required of students attempting to earn the University of Roehampton credential.
Course Learning Outcomes (Current – Level 6)
Explain the concept of strategic marketing
Analyze markets, segments, and customer value to determine the best marketing strategy.
Critically analyze a complex marketing situation
Analyze pricing objectives, price sensitivity, strategies, policy, and structure to determine the best pricing strategy.
Evaluate the factors and issues that influence global market-driven organizations.
Demonstrate the actions needed to implement and manage market-driven strategies.
PAPER FORMAT: (suggested structure)
Company and MarketOverview
Company Overview:High-level overview of the company’s business including headquarter location, years in business, industry andtarget market(s) served (

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