Attending a patient in the whirlpool room

Posted: September 17th, 2022

1. What term refers to the continual verbal and written feedback exchanged between the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant to ensure the safety and welfare of the patient?
a. Direct supervision
b. Ongoing supervision
c. Direction
d. Direct communication
2. Which of the following scenarios is best described as direct supervision?
a. The physical therapist is in the gym attending to a patient on the parallel bars and the physical therapist student is attending a patient in the whirlpool room
b. The physical therapist is present in the same room with the patient and the physical therapy student while the student is providing care
c. The physical therapist communicates with the physical therapist assistant by phone and through the medical record
3. A group therapy treatment is defined as:
a. Treatment provided to four or more patients who must perform the same therapeutic exercise and activities in the same sequence
b. The same treatment provided to two or more patients who need one-on-one contact by the therapist
c. Treatment provided by two or more therapists
d. Treatment provided simultaneously to two or more patients who need constant attendance by the therapist
4. What term means that the licensed physical therapist is personally present and immediately available within the treatment area to give aid, direction, and instruction when physical therapy procedures or activities are performed?
a. Direct supervision
b. Ongoing supervision
c. Direction
d. Direct communication
5. Which of the following is permitted ONLY by someone who is licensed to practice physical therapy.
a. Taking and documenting measurements
b. Interpreting tests and measurements
c. Administering treatment with therapeutic exercise
d. Performing therapeutic massage
6. Which type of license expires at the end of a short-term physical therapy study course or workshop approved by the Board?
a. Reinstated license
b. Restricted license
c. Temporary license
d. Limited license
7. A licensee shall notify the Board in writing within 60 days if any license, certification, permit or registration granted by another state for the practice of physical therapy or limited physical therapy has been limited, ___, ____, _____ or subjected to other disciplinary action by the licensing or certifying authority.
a. Cancelled, Repealed, Denied
b. Denied, Suspended, Invalidated
c. Restricted, Suspended, Revoked
d. Cancelled, Suspended, Revoked
8. The Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Code of Ethics requires that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants shall:
a. Never be alone with a patient of the opposite sex in a treatment room with the door closed
b. Never discuss any sexual matters with patients even if the patient raises the subject
c. Report all information that indicates a person is allegedly performing, aiding or abetting the illegal or unsafe practice of physical therapy
9. A patients family member calls the treating therapist with questions regarding the patients rehabilitation status. According to the Maryland Practice Act Code of Ethics, what action should the therapist take?
a. Protect the patients right to privacy by not divulging confidential information without consent of the patient or guardian unless required by law
b. Notify the caller that their request must be made in writing
c. Discuss only the patients functional abilities but provide no information about their medical diagnosis
d. Determine the callers relationship to the patient before divulging any confidential information
10. A physical therapist (A) overheard another therapist (B) make offensive, crude sexual remarks to a patient during an evaluation. Therapist (A) is required to report therapist (B) to the Board?
a. True
b. False
11. A licensee shall earn CEUs between _____ and _____ during the two-year period before renewal and maintain the records of the course subject, hours, date, and continuing education units to present to the Board on request.
a. January 1st and December 31st
b. September 1st and August 31st
c. April 1st and March 31st
d. June 1st and May 31st
12. The following is true with regard to continuing education requirements:
a. 15 approved continuing education hours are required on an annual basis for Physical Therapy
b. The Board requires completion of all continuing education requirements by March 31st of the renewal year
c. Continuing education courses can all be viewed as continuing competency courses as well
d. Cultural diversity continuing education courses are not approved by the Board
13. The physical therapist shall document legibly the patients chart each time the patient is seen for subsequent visits, by including the following information (progress notes):
a. Date, visit number, objective status, change in plan of care, signature (including title and lic

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