Art History Questions; Mind and Body

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Chapter 11 Mind and Body
1.The Ideal Body What is an idealized body, or the “perfect” body? Look at the examples in the text: Torso from India, Yakshi from India , Polykleitos’ Doryphorus , Male Torso from Africa, the Hellenistic Laocoön , Medieval The Last Judgment , Michelangelo’s David , and Muybridge’s Handspring. What cultures are represented? What was important to each culture in representing the body? What is important to us today?
2.Self-Portrait For centuries, artists have drawn, painted, sculpted, and photographed their own likenesses, expressing their characteristics and interests. How is the digital age of myspace and facepage changing ideas of self-portraiture. Are they more “real” than artistic paintings? How do these websites build on the tradition of portraiture and self-portraiture and in what ways do they change the way we construct our individual and collective identities?
3.Staged Poses In Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still

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