Anthropology 112 western culture Discussion

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Anthropology 112 western culture Discussion
Additional details – Cultural Dynamics of Genocide and Ethnocide Essay Requirements
Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words, using a minimum of two sources, a Bibliography (Works Cited), and in-text citations (also called an internal citation). You may use MLA, APA or Chicago; just be consistent in your usage. Remember: Whenever you use a source, you must provide an in-text citation (also called an internal citation).
Are you allowed to go over the minimum number of words and sources? You should determine the number of words and sources you need by whether you have answered the questions fully and well. You may go over the minimums, but not under.
Submit your essay to the Assignments tool, and then paste a copy into the Discussion to share with the class. Read the essays posted by your peers, and post a comment to three peers (60 words minimum each).
Introduction: In your opening paragraph, introduce the cultural group and the event that took place. Specify it as a genocide or ethnocide. Include at least one source (website or article) that you visited (with in-text citation). Example: I learned about the cultural dynamics of genocide in Rwanda (U. N. News 2016).
Exploration and Analysis: This is the heart of your essay! Address the following areas, to share what you learned during your field trip. Each of these should be a paragraph (each: 3-4 sentences minimum). Include at least one citation from one source.
Give an overview of the history of the genocide or ethnocide. Explain one historical root cause of this genocide or ethnocide. Choose one: race/racism/racial thinking, such as ideas of racial ‘superiority’; OR colonization by outside groups (see also: colonialism). (You may also choose both, and dig even more deeply.)
Give a specific example of how this genocide or ethnocide affected the survivors.
Give a specific example of how the survivors are moving forward in their lives, and/or how communities are seeking reconciliation (Examples: specific ways survivors are making new lives for themselves; community or government efforts to promote reconciliation, etc.).
Conclusion: In your conclusion, address what we can do to prevent this from happening again.
Remember: Use grammar and spell-check! Include a bibliography and two internal citations – one from a source in the field trip required materials, and one from our text readings for this module.
Submit your essay to the Assignments tool.
Copy and paste a copy of your essay into the Discussion tool.
In the Subject field, type the name of the Field Trip you chose.
Read the essays posted by your peers, and a post a comment to three peers (60 words minimum each).

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