Adolescent Development Through Film Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Adolescent Development Through Film Assignment
Assessment of Learning Task
Since Adolescence is such a complex time for physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development, many exciting changes take place for many teenagers. However, this is also a time where a variety of problems may develop for adolescence due to the very same changes. Your task is to draw comparisons between the adolescent protagonist in an approved film and the topics and concepts covered throughout our Adolescence unit.
For This Assessment of Learning Task, we are learning to:
· Explore topics related to adolescent development
· Investigate, locate and select information relevant to adolescent physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development using appropriate social science research and inquiry methods;
· Draw comparisons between the approved film and mental illness
· Communicate the results of our research and inquiry clearly and effectively, and reflect on and evaluate their research, inquiry, and communication skills.
To be successful on this Assessment of Learning Task, expertly complete the following steps:
1. Watch an approved film with an adolescent protagonist who also struggles with mental illness. We will watch a film as a class, but if you choose to watch a different film independently, you MUST get the film approved by me first.
2. Give a brief description of your chosen protagonist to provide context for your assignment: who are they, basic plotline (this would be similar to a movie summary that focuses on your chosen character).
a. Length for this section: 1 slide
3. Using Google Slides, complete an analysis of the protagonist by analyzing the following aspects of their development:
a. Determine and explain (with specific reference to the course, any of the types of development that apply to the protagonist:
i. Physical Development – is there any evidence of struggles or concerns that the protagonist experienced due to: puberty, physical growth (height, weight, proportion, etc). *Use your Google Slides notes to assist you here.
ii. Cognitive Development- is there any evidence of struggles or concerns that the protagonist experienced due to: formal operational thinking (Piaget’s theory), frontal lobe development, cognitive development concepts (attention, memory, processing speed, organization, metacognition). *Use your Google Slides notes to assist you here.
iii. Socioemotional Development – is there any evidence of struggles or concerns that the protagonist experienced due to: peers, peer pressure, self concept, Erikson’s Identity vs. Role Confusion, Marcia’s Identity Statuses, parenting styles, juvenile delinquency. *Use your Google Slides notes to assist you here.
iv. Minimum length for this section: 2 slides
4. Determine the primary mental illness that the protagonist is experiencing and analyze it based on the following prompts:
a. What is the mental illness? Provide examples that the protagonist exhibits.
b. What is the age of onset, signs and symptoms, prevalence, treatment, outcome? *Use the shared Google Slides on mental illness to assist you here. You MAY do additional research here as well. **Where possible, make connections between this information and your protagonist.
c. Minimum length for this section: 1 slide
5. Formatting tips:
a. Please create a ‘cover page’ on your first slide (with the APA cover page information – you can make it as visually appealing as you would like though)
b. Please use a combination of text and images to visually enhance your slides.
c. Please provide a References page for your researched information (other than class notes):
i. Please follow APA formatting rules for researched information
ii. Please include the URL for all images
d. Please remember to either paraphrase your information or provide direct quotes in to avoid plagiarism.
e. Please carefully edit for spelling and grammatical errors.
MARKING SCHEME: Adolescent Development Through Film
K/U: /10 T/I: /10 C: /10 A: /10
Knowledge and Understanding
Assignment demonstrates a comprehensive, expert understanding of the Adolescent Development:
· The physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of adolescence.
· Mental Illness in adolescence
· Expert and detailed connections are made between the concepts covered in the adolescence unit and the protagonist of the movie.
· Clear, concise and detailed connections have been made between the protagonist and the associated mental illness.
· Presentation has been written in the student’s own words.
· All information is presented with a high degree of written communication skills, with obvious signs of editing for spelling and grammatical errors.
· All information has been written in the student’s own words or has been properly quoted.
· Visual presentation is clearly organized, easy to follow and visually engaging.
· Visual presentation is a minimum of 5 slides.
· There is an appropriate balance of text, images and ‘white space’ in each slide throughout the presentation.
· APA formatting rules have been followed throughout.

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