A pair of tickets jing-mei Assignment

Posted: January 19th, 2023

Write a 750-word essay of 5 to 7 paragraphs that explains your understanding of one of the characters in “Sonny’s Blues,” “A Pair of Tickets,” “A Wall of Fire Rising,” or “Boys and Girls.” Don’t use outside sources because the purpose of this assignment is to read closely and formulate your own opinion about a character in a literary work. This essay will require direct quotations from the story itself and a Work Cited page for the story in your textbook.
Consider these questions: How does the character see himself or herself, and does that sense of self change in the course of the story?
What are his or her strengths or weaknesses?
How is his or her identity influenced by his or her interaction with a family member?
How do internal or external conflicts shape the way the character sees not only himself or herself, but others, or his or her life?
Is culture a factor in the character’s perspective?
How does the writer of the story use the character to say something about identity, family, parenting, or some other issue?
Other questions to consider about character are in your text on p. 138 (Portable ed.) or p. 217 (Shorter).
First, do some thinking about the character you have chosen and jot down some ideas and possible answers to the questions above. You will probably NOT include all your responses—look for the most promising one(s). Look over your ideas and come up with a thesis statement: the MAIN point you would like to make about the character. There is not one “right” answer because characters, like real people, are complex, and different readers may form different opinions about the characters based on their own experiences and values.
Literary writing is persuasive writing, so the important thing is to take a position (your debatable opinion about the character) and back it up with evidence (what the characters say or do in the story). Sort out your points into focused body paragraphs. You will get feedback on your rough draft. Before submitting your final draft, consider suggestions from a classmate and me. Give your essay a good title that reflects your main point. Be sure your quotes are introduced properly and that in-text citations match the Work Cited entry for the textbook. See the sample essay on “Cathedral” in the reading for Week 2 (pages 53-56 in the Portable edition of our text; see pages 45-47 in the Shorter edition) and Ch. 21 (Portable) or Ch. 34 (Shorter) on quoting and citing properly. Find more on in-text citations and the Works Cited page at the Purdue OWL overview on MLA format.
(Links to an external site.)
I uploaded everything you will need including the story so you can cite from my actual story, my rough draft is due on sunday and my final is due next. my rough draft that is due this sunday only has to be 3 paragraphs with at least 2 citations , i uploaded my criteria for both rough and final. please look over all of my uploads to see what my professor requires.

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